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“The Big Guy” is about to become a victim of his own tax proposal

Uranium hasn’t been this critical since the days of Oppenheimer

Inspired Idiot of the Week: State of the Union edition

Good news: the dumbest law in years is officially unconstitutional

Why gold might (weirdly) be a contrarian investment right now

Inspired Idiot of the Week: Lina “Genghis” Khan and the FTC

Even the FDIC doesn’t want to pay its tax bill…

Even Warren Buffett’s legendary optimism is fading.

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Inspired Idiot of the Week: US State Department

It’s not exactly as if the world is swimming in a sea of tranquility these days. War in Gaza has been raging for months. War in Ukraine has been raging for years. And Russia has even threatened using nuclear weapons. Terrorist groups brazenly attack American shipping vessels. Iran keeps stirring

Why the ‘Netflix’ stock of 100 years ago fell by 98%

On January 16, 1917– at the peak of World War I, the imperial German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmerman, sent an encoded telegram destined for the President of Mexico. Zimmerman wanted to form an alliance with Mexico, in the hopes that the United States would be too distracted with potential conflict

Interest on the Debt will exceed defense budget this year

The ink was barely dry on the Treaty of Paris in the year 1763 when the financial panic set in. Government ministers across Europe began taking stock of their disastrous finances… and the picture was gruesome. The world had been at war with itself for nearly a decade. And though

Inspired Idiot of the Week: The Hawaii Supreme Court

On September 18, 1928, at the peak of the ‘Roaring 20s’, an American investor by the name of Evelyn Gregory was sitting on a fat capital gain totaling over $133,000– worth more than $12 million in today’s money. The top federal tax rate back then was 25%… but Evelyn wasn’t

The CBDC Indoctrination Has Begun

I imagine life can often feel pretty difficult for today’s high school students. On top of dealing with classic teenage drama like homework, hormones, pimples, parents, driving, dating, university selection, and more, students these days have to contend with a host of new challenges. They suffered long periods of brutal

The ‘other’ report that was released last week was even bigger

Last week’s headlines were understandably dominated the special counsel’s report which chronicled President Biden’s “diminished faculties and faulty memory”. So, it’s easy to understand why no one even noticed the Congressional Budget Office’s $20 trillion bombshell announcement that was released within hours of the special counsel report. Granted, an investigation

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