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Three Global Cities Where You Can Still Beat Inflation

Inflation is undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of our time. It’s a story of abject failure — of how the ‘experts’ who have been entrusted to pull the giant levers of the economy were asleep at the wheel. The ‘experts’ failed to anticipate how their irresponsible spree of spending and monetary expansion

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The International Hypocrisy and Ignorance Conference Begins!

It’s finally here. Today’s the day. More than 35,000 people have begun descending on the picturesque Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh to participate in the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP27. Or as I prefer to call it, the International Hypocrisy and Ignorance Conference. The absurdity starts with

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Get ready for the “Excess Stupidity” tax

Today’s podcast starts off in the year 1175 BC, where the legendary Pharaoh Ramses III was readying himself for battle against one of the most mysterious enemies in all of human history. Ramses was literally fighting for the survival of his kingdom, and for all Egyptian civilization. And fortunately for Egypt, he won.

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Namibian Digital Nomad Visa 2023

A closer look at Namibia’s new Digital Nomad Visa program going into 2023

A growing number of countries have been launching Digital Nomad Visas (DNVs), with competition resulting in lower income thresholds and easier requirements for applicants. Namibia recently joined this list – and it’s a fairly attractive option… Looking for a change of scenery and epic outdoor adventures in Africa? If wildlife safaris, dune-boarding and

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Yikes. The Federal Reserve Lost $4.1 Billion Last Month.

In the early spring of the year 1492, Lorenzo de’ Medici had just arrived to his family’s opulent villa in the hills nearby Florence when he began to experience severe stomach pains. His pain quickly grew worse, and the finest physicians were summoned to heal him; Lorenzo was reportedly given a number of

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How to Start a New Life in Portugal for Under $300,000

Could you imagine yourself owning a quiet countryside home in an area of southern Europe with a low cost of living? What if living there legally allowed you to pay NO income taxes for the next ten years? And you could do it all for €300,000 or less (currently about $294,500 USD)… Something

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Why we had another baby in Mexico

First, I am really grateful for all the well-wishes and congratulations we received on the birth of my son. He’s doing great, and I’m over the moon. I decided to record a podcast about the experience– why my wife and I decided to have our first child here last year, as well as

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Rapid Passport: The Quickest Countries to Naturalize

Billionaire Peter Thiel is acquiring his fourth passport. Born in Germany, Thiel moved with his family to the US and became a US citizen as a child. More recently, he acquired citizenship in New Zealand after investing and donating heavily to charities in the country. Now, Thiel is obtaining a passport from the

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Who Said There Needed To Be an Alternative?

In the early 6th century BC, roughly 2,600 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China, a young scholar named Li Er was hired to work as a government scribe in the imperial capital of Chengzhou. Though Li had no formal schooling, he quickly became renowned for his keen intellect. And in

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Putting all the Pieces Together

We start our podcast today more than 2,500 years ago at a time when the dominant superpower in the western world was the Achaemenid Empire of Persia. Their civilization had reached an unfathomable level of wealth and sophistication; historical records show that, at peak, the Persian treasury had more than $300 BILLION in

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