The West is in decline -
but you don't have to be

Civilizational decline may be new to us, but it’s happened many times before. We unearth the historic lessons that can help you prepare for what comes next…

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Inflation is destroying
your buying power

You can’t control the dollar… But you CAN learn how to counter inflation’s impact and fire-proof your financial future – just like we did.

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We'll help you discover more
opportunities globally…

Combining global reach with boots-on-the-ground expertise, our research team helps clients unearth high-yield, inflation-beating opportunities globally.

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Helping you build
your own Plan B...
Having options is more mission-critical than ever. Sovereign Man helps our clients
successfully navigate second residency, citizenship, portfolio diversification and more.
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Your journey to more freedom, opportunity and prosperity starts here.

Founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Simon Black, Sovereign Man has taught 200,000+ subscribers to build their own robust Plan B

The world is increasingly filled with uncertainty: War. Inflation. Polarization. Pandemics. Banking crashes. Civilizational decline.

But YOU don’t have to pay the price. A robust Plan B can help reduce risk and maximize prosperity — all while delivering more freedom, more opportunities, and more control over your own life.

Packed with news, analysis and step-by-step intelligence, Sovereign Man equips you to thrive no matter what.

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Values-led. Mission-driven.

These are the things we value:


Dollar Collapse

Personal Preparedness

International Living

Second Residency

Alternative Citizenship

Retirement Planning

Tax & Estate Planning

Portfolio Diversification

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Want to power up your own Plan B fast?

Safeguard your freedom and build your sovereignty with our proven suite of internationalization and diversification products:




Our flagship international diversification service. Access step-by-step instructions for dozens of strategies that can help you grow wealth, protect your assets and increase your personal freedom:

— Benefit from our rolodex of trusted contacts and service providers around the world.

— Have Simon Black answer all your key written questions in the Monthly Q&A.

Info delivered via regular updates and reporting, plus timely Alerts on critical and time-sensitive topics.

The 4th Pillar


Our premium deep-value investment service from Karl B, our Chief Investment Strategist.

Packed with the most compelling, no-brainer, deep-value investments available anywhere in the world.

Discover profitable companies selling for less than the amount of cash they hold in the bank….

Event-driven arbitrage opportunities, such as legally binding takeover bids that can be purchased at a discount…

And income investments, where we see a strong likelihood of consistent yields above 8% – and much more…

Total Access


Our highest-tier, VIP membership service for those seeking to take charge of their future.

Enjoy complimentary access to ALL of our premium intelligence products, including Sovereign Confidential and The 4th Pillar.

Join us for VIP events, enjoy face-time with our leadership, and gain access to a dynamic community of like-minded individuals. (This high-value network is invaluable in these uncertain times.)

Also receive research on private equity investments not available through other channels.

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